I made this textbook cake in 2011 for the launch meeting of the 7th edition of Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy at Imagineering. Over the next year and a half, my colleagues and I created about 1100 medical illustrations for the revitalized art program, in which we preserved the original figure content, but redrew all of the illustrations with updated rendering styles, a unified colour palette, and enhanced anatomical accuracy. It was a great honor to meet Keith Moore, and to work with Arthur Dalley and Anne Agur on this excellent book. I had studied from previous editions of this book in both my undergraduate and Master’s courses in Human Anatomy (Human Kinetics at University of Guelph and Biomedical Communications at University of Toronto), and I still use it regularly for content reference in my medical illustrations. This cake features the cover of the (previous) 6th edition of the book. The 7th edition has now been published and is available now! See a preview of the introductory chapter in the kindle version here. Visit my Medical Illustrator page for more info. Perhaps we are due for the next edition of cake! 

Pictured here: Dr. Anne Agur, myself, Dr. Arthur Dalley, and Dr Keith Moore himself.


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