Create with Nat colouring pages:
a pandemic passion project

During the isolating days of 2020, I was seeking connection and creativity. I was lucky to find both through video calls with my nieces, family, and friends as we started making art together.

These moments brightened my darker days, filled my heart, and helped me get back into the creative flow. I started an art wall and worked on filling it with colourful and uplifting images.

Over the past couple of years, this practice evolved into drawing a set of colouring pages that I could send to family and friends… and now I want to share them with you. 

These colouring pages are FREE for anyone to download, as my gift to you.

When sharing your related art online, please tag me in your social stories and posts: @natalieintven.creative on Instagram or Facebook.

I would LOVE to see what you #createwithnat
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I hope that these pages help you rediscover the joy of making art, whether you connect with family and friends or enjoy some solo creative time. Have fun with it!

Feel free to share these colouring pages widely, but please respect my original authorship of these images and do not resell them as your own.

Beautiful beasts

Creature sweeties

Fantastical friends

Kittycat cuties

Petals and leaves

Mandala muse

Spooktacular fun

Create with Nat is an invitation for YOU to create.

Please use these ideas and resources as inspiration for exploring your own art journey, for creative time with your kids, or to connect and create together with friends and family, whether near or far. Creativity is so good for our brains and our hearts, especially when times are tough. Art can help us relax, explore, focus, and let go. It’s not about WHAT we create, it’s THAT we create. Everyone can make art. All art is good art. Let’s create something fun!

Acknowledgement: There are a lot of heavy things happening in the world right now. I draw rainbows and unicorns, not to ignore that fact, but as an attempt to give a little sunshine back to the world. 🦄✨🌈