These were an edible farewell token for a friend moving on to new adventures. To make these Hello Kitty cookie pops, I needed a Hello Kitty cookie cutter, but didn’t have one, so I formed one using a round cutter and some pliers. For each cookie pop, I placed one thin cookie dough shape on parchment paper, pressed the cookie pop stick in to it, and then added a second layer of shaped cookie dough on top to seal the stick between the two layers. Once they baked and cooled, they were pretty sturdy! I iced the cookies by first piping the black outline, letting it dry a bit, and then flooding the remaining inside shape with white. I made the bows using pink fondant dusted with pearl dust, added the final details to the faces, and let everything dry overnight. I made the bouquet base using a plastic cup filled with leftover fondant, covered in tissue paper, and tied with a ribbon. Best of luck to Jenny!


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