Fondant flowers are fun! This was my first time creating 3D flower decorations. I made the roses by starting with a single circular disc of thin fondant, tightly rolled for the flower’s center, which acts as a base for the rest of the flower. I cut more circles of fondant for the other petals (about 5 or 6 per rose). The top edges of each petal were thinned out, using a round ended tool and foam pad (click here for basic technique). Each petal was attached around the base, using a little water for adhesion. Once the flowers were assembled, the edges of the petals were turned outwards to open them up a bit more, and any excess fondant was trimmed from the bottom. The roses were then ready to be arranged on the cake. This cake was made to celebrate my colleague’s upcoming wedding- Congrats to Alicia & Jeff! 🙂

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