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iPad Cake!

My first foray with fondant!!! I made this cake the month that the iPad was released, for a birthday of a loyal Apple user and fan (like myself). I first made a rough sketch of the design, and baked a rectangular cake.  I used pre-made Wilton fondant, and coloured portions with food colour. I created…

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Steak Cake

The best kind of steak is steak cake! This was a double layered red velvet cake.  I coloured most of the white icing red, and blended it on the cake with white to get the fat marbling effect. This fine cut of sweet meat was specially prepared for my friend Kim’s birthday,  inspired by her…

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Brain Cake

A Halloween treat (or everyday meal if you are a brain-eating zombie)! I made a layered circular cake, carved the basic brain shape, and then piped the cerebrum and cerebellum with different size round tips, using a fluffy white icing. I added the red vessels once the white icing had cooled, and then kept it…

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